Dating Tips for WomenIf you are female and for whatever reason have not been in a position to contemplate dating for some period of time you may need a few tips before taking the first steps. It may take some time for you to adjust to the current dating scene and the massive changes involving dating on-line.

In your previous relationship you most likely had a strong sense of security and this will not exist while you fine-tune your approach.  You may feel a little timid or shy, however it’s important to understand that times have changed and there is nothing wrong with women taking a strong approach to dating such as asking men out first and not being afraid to turn them down if you are not sure.

If you find someone attractive it is quite ok to say to them, let’s go out for a coffee and have a casual chat. Your confidence will increase over time and it will become second nature.

Also, there is nothing wrong with saying no to a potential date. If you do not have good feelings about the person trust your instinct, politely decline and move on. This is a very valuable lesson to learn and vital in today’s world. Any decent man will understand and respect your feelings.

Be aware of your own security and take care where you decide to meet a new date. Choose a well-lit popular place and if you still feel insecure ask a friend to go along with you.

Trust no one that asks you for money, regardless of how long you have known them or how honest they appear – chances are it will be a scammer.

Have fun and take care.

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